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Jason Lowe Visuals is a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan based 3D architectural rendering studio established to provide a broad range of computer generated visualization services to architectural firms and related clients.


For the past 25 years I have provided freelance digital visualization services for a broad range of building types to architectural firms in the province. Prior to completion of my post secondary studies at the University of Saskatchewan, I worked with a seven person Saskatchewan based architectural practice. The architectural experience gained has provided me a developed ability to comprehend complex architectural documentation provided by my clients. I prefer to work in a collaborative manner directly with the design architects throughout the process of developing and visualizing a project design concept. Being both innovative and practical, I recognize that each project will differ in terms of priorities and scope of work.


The computer is an effective and invaluable visualization tool throughout all phases of the design process. It diversifies and supplements the designer’s critical and investigatory capabilities. Computer models can be utilized to refine early design concepts and volumetric relationships to provide a more thorough and rigorous design process. These initial images bring a project to life at an early stage of its development and will form the basis for the refined final architectural project renderings.

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